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Put A Little Magic In Your Game!

“That was magic”, has been a common catchphrase among golfers and others in the sports world when an admirably pure shot has been hit. Coleman initially heard it on the links from European teammates over 20 years ago during his formidable years on his college golf team in Florida. Nowadays, it continues to be a part of our vernacular, inevitably used by notable announcers during televised tournaments. “When you’re in the moment and see it happening, you have to give credit where it’s due and ‘magic’ tops the list of compliments,” states Rick Coleman, PGA of America Member and Entrepreneur. 

Since early 2004, Coleman's Magic Wear® apparel has embraced this "That was magic" adage as inspiration for an exciting line of sports clothing. Originating during his tenure on Cape Cod, Magic Wear® apparel displays a unique logo "Magic" …our favorite rabbit, standing on a top hat swinging a golf club. A wearer of Magic Wear® apparel golf shirts has the opportunity to select the tag line, "Put A Little Magic In Your Game," on the tag of their Magic Wear® apparel shirt. Magic Wear apparel offers a variety of classic looking sportswear available for men, women, and youth. Your family will enjoy wearing Magic Wear® apparel complete line of classic quality and care-free golf shirts, t-shirts, and hats​.

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